Aug 01

2014 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Tiers

Usually alone at the top of his position, the gap is beginning to close on Megatron quicker than people want to acknowledge (Photo: USATSI).

Yes, Calvin Johnson once again heads into a Fantasy Football season as the top player at his position. You know exactly what you’re getting with Megatron, and whatever he’s got you want really, really bad. No position has the separation from number one to the rest of the field as receiver, because he’s just that good, and so heavily relied on in the Lions offense.

Jul 31

2014 Fantasy Football Running Back Tiers

There’s no question that Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles are the three top running backs and players going into the 2014 Fantasy Football season. They belong in a tier entirely of their own. While personal preference will way into how you choose to go about drafting the number one pick (given the opportunity) the difference you’ll notice will be minimal.

Jul 31

2014 Fantasy Football Tight End Tiers

After establishing himself over the last three seasons as the best player in the NFL at the wide receiver tight end position, Jimmy Graham is back in the gold and black to continue his dominance. While rookie Julius Thomas burst onto the scene last year look out for the return of Rob Gronkowski in 2014.

Jul 31

2014 Fantasy Football Quarterback Tiers

While personal preference will always play somewhat of a role in Fantasy Football drafting, it’s necessary to know what your favorite player’s closest and most comparable competition is, going into the season. Esten McLaren separates the 2014 NFL play callers into quarterback tiers.

Jul 31

2014 NFL Draft Strategy: Nobody likes the runs

QB runs are great things when they're electrifying a football stadium, but not when they are causing a commotion in your fantasy football draft room (Photo: Jose Sanchez/Associated Press).

Seriously. When was the last time you proclaimed “I’ve got the runs” and it was a good thing? The answer is likely never, unless you got really into the whole cleanse fad a few years ago. The adage holds in fantasy football. Because we are selecting real players as part of a game we love, …

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Jul 31

2014 NFL Busts – 6 Players to Avoid on Draft Day

Every Fantasy Football owner’s greatest fear is having one of the top picks get injured early in the year and miss considerable time. Number two on the greatest fear list is having one of your high draft picks utterly fail to live up to expectations. We can’t predict the former, but we can get a pretty good grasp on the latter and learn which players to avoid on draft day.

Jul 30

Overall 2014 Fantasy Football Ranks (Top 175)

Jon Collins shares his Top 175 Overall Ranks via Fantasy Pros.

Jul 30

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Interview Series: Jonathan Bales

Jonathan Bales sees C.J. Spiller as a player offering bounce-back value in 2014 (Photo: Bill Wippert/Associated Press).

As part of our 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Guide we’re bringing you a QnA with some of the brightest minds in the virtual game to help you understand what makes them tick in their own leagues, and what strategies are worth employing in your own fantasy football draft strategy¬†and roster management to help you dominate …

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