Oct 25

2013-14 Fantasy Basketball Busts

As the Fantasy Basketball season quickly approaches, Fantasy Sports Locker Room is here to discuss this year’s 2013-14 Fantasy Basketball Busts. There is nothing worse than drafting someone high, that you thought would be a fantasy stud and as it turned out he dropped the ball… literally. Those kind of poor decisions can cost you a fantasy basketball championship. Of course, there is no way to guarantee the following players will be a fantasy bust, but there are some names you should avoid.

The following numbers beside each player below are Expert Consensus Rankings from Fantasy Pros between myself and 18 other experts. Check out our consensus rankings.

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Dwyane Wade, SG, Miami Heat – ECR #20

Wade has game, but his fantasy stock continues to drop. Consider him at the top of your high risk/high reward list. I drafted him last year and could not have been more displeased with his output. D Wade has two bad knees and I don’t think they are getting any better. This is not the same Wade from 06 when he took over the NBA Finals against the Mavs, or even the same Wade that knocked off the Thunder two years ago. He was not able to show much in the playoffs last year and LeBron James had to take over. Wade will take nights off, rest up, and you don’t need a so called ‘top 20’ pick taking nights off your fantasy team. Wade has lost his ‘WOW’.


Ty Lawson, PG, Denver Nuggets – ECR #24

Things are different in Mile High this year. George Karl is out, Andre Iguodala is out, and Danilo Gallinari is out until at least December. New coach Brian Shaw does not seem like a run and gun type coach and if that is the case Lawson’s fantasy value will decrease.


Tony Parker, PG, San Antonio Spurs – ECR #26

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tony Parker. I had him on my roster last year and he was big for me. He was in the MVP discussion last season until he missed time with an injury. I’m down on him because of how smart of a coach Gregg Popovic is. He does not care about your fantasy basketball team. He does not care if the NBA puts Spurs and Heat on Sunday afternoon. He will rest Parker and the remainder of his players to prepare for the playoffs. Parker looked gassed in the NBA Finals last year and I think Popovic will take that into consideration this year. Not saying leave Paker off your radar, if he falls to you sure, don’t reach.


Josh Smith has averaged at least 16 points in each of his last three seasons in Atlanta. Those numbers should continue, but his career average if 8 rebounds a game is most likely to drop in Detroit. (Getty Images)(Getty Images)

Josh Smith has averaged at least 16 points in each of his last three seasons in Atlanta. Those numbers should continue, but his career average if 8 rebounds a game is most likely to drop in Detroit. (Getty Images)(Getty Images)

Josh Smith, SF, Detroit Pistons – ECR #29

I think the move to Detroit obviously helps the Pistons, but Smith is not going to be the go-to-guy  in Motown. Smith will provide all the fantasy basketball stats that us fantasy owners have been accustom to, but the Pistons will be depended on Smith hitting a mid range shot that I just don’t think he is capable of. I think his points per game and shooting percentage drop.


Greg Monroe, PF, Detroit Pistons – ECR #56

Monroe was on my fantasy basketball sleeper list over the last two seasons, and he is still a talented player. His stock drops a bit though with the emergence of Andre Drummond. The Pistons are loving their one to punch down low with Drummond and Monroe, but there is no doubt Drummund cuts into Monroe’s offense. Josh Smith will also cut into Monroe’s scoring.


Rajon Rondo, PG, Boston Celtics – ECR #72

There are so many better options out there at point guard this season than Rondo. There is no reason to take a shot on him this year unless he drops to the later rounds. He has been going in the mid rounds and I feel that is too soon for a guy that might not be ready until December or January. I like the idea of drafting him in the mid rounds and stashing him depending on your keeper rules and if you are partaking in such a league.


Danny Granger, SF, Indiana Pacers – ECR #88

Granger played five games last year. We all want to see him get back to his 18 points, 5 boards and 2 three’s a game from two seasons ago, I just don’t see it. He has already been bothered by a calf injury and might not even be ready to start the season. This is not Granger’s team anymore, says Paul George and Roy Hibbert. Sure the Pacers would love to have him, but they are used to playing without him. If Granger does stay healthy he will chip in here and there, but that is about it.


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