September 2016 archive

Sep 29

Week 4 NFL Ranks

Heading into week four you’ll note some significant changes as depth charts and available opportunities continue to be in flux throughout the league. Moreover, in our Week 3 Touches and Targets piece we noted a few defenses that have earned the label of must-avoid, or at least, downgrade through three weeks. Those are reflected in …

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Sep 28

Touches and Targets: NFL Week 3 Review

As much as weekly and cumulative usage starts to paint a picture at this point of the season, defensive matchups are equally important. Through three weeks, both sides of the equation are coming into focus. Everyone expected that they’d have to temper offensive expectations against Seattle, Carolina, Houston (even now without J.J. Watt) and Denver, …

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Sep 22

Week 3 NFL Ranks

With two weeks behind us the data points are starting to take on a little more meaning. It’s still not time to abandon any preconceived notions about players, but snap counts, touches, targets and usage through the first two games are starting to take on more meaning. With that in mind, those items have influenced …

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Sep 20

Touches and Targets: NFL Week 2 Review

Beyond just reviewing the box score, one of the most important ‘next steps’ for upping your fantasy game is understanding the data behind the raw numbers. You can take that analysis to the nth degree, if you’re hardcore, but at a minimum a wise gamer knows that there is a big difference between a 3 …

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Sep 15

Week 2 NFL Ranks

While it’s a small sample size and far too early to read into any perceived strengths or weaknesses across the league, some of our preseason thinking gained more support in Week 1. As such, our Week 2 NFL ranks take into account potential defenses to pick on in your matchups this week. Below the table, …

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Sep 09

Week 1 Fantasy Football Ranks

They’re posted a little later than we’d like here inside the locker room, but this is always a rough day job week… so… here they are on Friday AM after the Thursday nighter. Our Week 1 Fantasy Football Ranks are posted without much discussion, though the bullets below the post highlight some of the players …

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