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Andre Holmes-ward bound: trust in the Raiders receiver to contribute down the stretch

Andre Holmes #18 impresses his coaches with a highlight reel catch against the Houstan Texans. Holmes is making his case to be a mainstay in the Raiders receiving core. Source: Bob Levey, Getty Images

Andre Holmes #18 impresses his coaches with a highlight reel catch against the Houstan Texans. Holmes is making his case to be a mainstay among the Raiders receiving core. (Photo: Bob Levey, Getty Images)

It’s time to get to know Andre Holmes because he is opening eyes in Oakland. Holmes, after a nice outing in Week 11, burst onto the football scene last Thanksgiving Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys and I was quite impressed with what I saw from Holmes. He made numerous tough catches jumping over his defender one after another. That’s what it takes sometimes to be a successful receiver in the NFL and he showed he can do it with seven receptions for 136 yards.

His 6’4, 210 pound frame combined with a 4.51 forty time gives him all the tools to take this opportunity and run with it. Can you trust this one time performance in your fantasy playoffs though!? Sure you can! The stars are aligning for this young man to make an impact with the Oakland Raiders. In fantasy land, my eyes light up when I see a WR2 with an average, non-veteran quarterback. More times than not the QB is not going to throw to the WR1 who is getting covered by the top corner. They will throw to the secondary receiver who has single coverage. That’s where Andre Holmes will be hanging out this Sunday. Did I mention it’s a helluva match-up with one of the worst secondaries in the game!? Yea, that’s the New York Jets.

They have been getting absolutely burned by wide receiver twos. Ones for that matter as well, but especially twos. Last week it was Brian ‘can’t gain separation’ Hartline who torched the Jets secondary for 9 catches, 127 yards and a touchdown. You’re going to let Hartline do that to you? Ca’Mon man! The week before it was Jacoby ‘I thought he only returned kicks’ Jones for the Ravens burn them for 4 catches, 103 yards and a TD. Week before that. It was Marquise Goodwin getting his first ever start and he went for 6 catches, 81 yards and a TD. T.J. Graham in the same game caught 74 yards himself for a touchdown. The Jets are sleeping folks. Prior to the bye in week 9, it was Robert ‘didn’t know he still played’ Meachem going for 93 yards. I could go on forever, but lastly in week 8 it was Marvin ‘I’m a one-hit wonder because of the Jets secondary’ Jones, going ham on the Jets for 122 yards and four touchdowns! We talked about this rough streak in our Week 13 review broadcast.

The Jets secondary is in shambles. Don’t be afraid to ride Andre Holmes in the first-round of your fantasy playoffs, the man has serious talent. He had a very nice rapport with Matt McGloin. Remember these two were on the second and third team units to begin the season, so they’ve had plenty of reps together. McGloin showed he loves the throwing the ball up in one-on-one battles, so expect Holmes to have a serious impact in this one against this poor Jets secondary.

For those of you on your bye-weeks, up next for the Jets is Carolina, so go and snag up Brandon LaFell. You can bet he LaFell’s into the end-zone one or two times in that one.

Don’t forget to come back this Sunday and check-out my week 14 edition of Mikey O Know’s flex-starts of the week.

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