Oct 26

From the Locker Room to the Training Room: Week 8 NFL Injury Report

Every week I do the same intro to this article, but this week life has thrown me a curveball and it’s going to be a bit of an abbreviated version. It’s even going to be an abbreviated intro – you know why you’re here.

Earlier this week our esteemed colleague Ryley covered off discussing what was a mammoth week for injuries in the NFL in week 7, and discussed potential replacements for those players. I’ll invite you to check out his article if you’ve been bitten by that injury bug.

I’m also not going to be able to discuss probable players this week – if it’ll be more of a shock that they aren’t out there than it will be to see them, then they won’t be on the list.


Week 8 NFL Injury Report

Running Backs


C.J. Spiller owners can't be happy with his performance this year - or that he'll be sitting out week eight. (Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

C.J. Spiller owners can’t be happy with his performance this year – or that he’ll be sitting out week eight. (Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

C.J. Spiller – Doubtful: Looks like C.J. is going to be rested up for the week as he’s clearly not himself. Fred Jackson owners can probably rejoice at a full, unadulterated workload this week… Spiller owners can continue to curse that top five pick they used on him.

Jason Snelling – Out: Jason Snelling being out would be a great plus to those that snatched up Jacquizz during the “Steven Jackson Injury Waiver Sweepstakes” a couple weeks ago…except it looks like SJax will finally be plugged back into the roster this week. If you were relying on Snelling, you’re in trouble.

Brandon Jacobs – Out: Wow, the Giants simply can’t keep a healthy running back. If you’ve been snatching them up on the carousel as it’s gone around, Peyton Hillis will be your man for this week and Andre Brown‘s return can’t come soon enough.

Rashard Mendenhall – Doubtful: If Mendenhall doesn’t suit up at all, there’s at least another chance for Andre Ellington to try to strut his stuff. He’d be running thin on chances, one would think, if not for the lacking backfield presented by the Cardinals.

Brandon Bolden – Questionable: Probably just a case of the Patriots playing fast and loose with the injury status, and likely that we see Bolden out there on Sunday. The issue with Bolden isn’t even his availability, but the change in the workload that Stevan Ridley is likely to see if Bolden doesn’t take the field.



Wide Receivers


Roddy White – Out: With the hopes of the season likely squashed already, probably just for the best to fix this issue for years going ahead. Going to take a big turnaround half way through the year here to make a difference to the season, so might as well protect the assets for the future. Harry Douglas owners can expected another full workload.

Miles Austin – Questionable: The way Austin’s hamstrings have been over the past couple years, compounded with the sudden emergence of Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley, leads one to wonder if his time in Dallas may be running out. Incredibly talented player, but just can’t do it.

James Jones – Doubtful: Last week’s sunny outlook on Jones has clouded over for sure, as he’s dropped from questionable to doubtful in the run of a week and hasn’t seen a return to the practice field. The Packers are fortune to have a relatively favorable matchup against the Vikes’ and Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykins should continue to see the bulk of the workload.

Dwayne Bowe – Questionable: Bowe has a scary questionable tag, but worse yet has an awful matchup against Haden this week. He’s not lived up to his potential as a fantasy wideout all year, but he is expected to play this weekend.

Danny Amendola – Questionable: Word from New England is that Amendola is medically cleared to return to the field. Eventually he may even return for a full game. You deploy a guy who seems to get injured every third snap at your own risk, but he seems likely to be out there.

Julian Edelman – Questionable: Edelman played through this exact tag last week, and this continues to be more of the Pats being fast and loose with the NFL’s injury reporting rules. With Amendola back he likely sees less targets, but less defensive attention as well.



Tight Ends

Graham owners will be happy to know he returned to the field this week and should be back before too long - if not on Sunday. (photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Graham owners will be happy to know he returned to the field this week and should be back before too long – if not on Sunday. (photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)


Jimmy Graham – Questionable: Jimmy Graham returned to the practice field on Friday and may potentially find his way back to the real gridiron on Sunday, but he’s expected to be a game-time decision and possibly/probably see limited reps even if he does make it back. If you’ve got a backup tight end, I’d fire away. Looks like he’s on a good path to return to normal soon, which should leave his owners happy.

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