Nov 16

From The Locker Room to the Training Room: Week 11 NFL Injury Report

One of the most challenging tasks that any owner faces during the course of the fake football season is managing those injuries that crop up along the way. Often we’re kept down to the wire wondering if players will play, limited in practice and listed on the injury report, and sometimes if they do there’s very little in the way of assurances that they’re going to play 100% of their normal snaps, or ability.

On Saturdays we’re going to take a look every week at the players are fit that very description, and how their situations may impact your fantasy squad for the upcoming weekend.

Guys who have practiced all week and are likely to be out there – despite being tagged “probable” – likely won’t make the list! Be sure to check on all your players on game day, but don’t fret guys with that designation too much!

On Sundays, if you still have concerns or questions, be sure to check out our live fantasy advice page!


Week 11 NFL Injury Report

Running Backs


Another Week, another no darren mcfadden (photo: ezra shaw, sbnation.com)

Another Week, another no darren mcfadden (photo: ezra shaw, sbnation.com)



Adrian Peterson – Probable: ADP will be out there on Sunday, almost certainly, despite missing some practice time earlier in the week. He has a tough match-up this weekend against the Seahawks, but…it’s Adrian Peterson and you’re not sitting him either way.


Darren McFadden – Out: DMC nears a return and has been running on the sidelines a bit but is simply not healthy enough to return to the field (this should come as a major surprise, I’m sure, to all his owners). Rashad Jennings has performed admirably in his absence racking up nearly 300 rushing and receiving yards in the past two weeks. Hope you had him handcuffed.


Steven Jackson – Probable and Jason Snelling – Questionable:  No reason to believe SJax won’t be out there, and Snelling’s availability is moot more or less as he’s buried behind Rodgers. This is a tough matchup against a top run defense anyway, look for better options.


Shane Vereen – Out*: Vereen gets an asterisk on his Out designation because he still hasn’t been officially moved from the IRDR list. It’s expected that his move will come before Monday, and the general belief is that he could see the field. He’s been out of action for a couple months though, and you’ve got to be wary any time that’s the case. If he’s on the waiver wire in your leagues: get him. If you’ve already got him? Probably safest bet to roster him and see how he’s eased back in. He may be a real threat any week now.



Wide Receivers and Tight Ends


Steve Johnson – Out: Stevie joins Robert Woods on the sidelines and makes things even more difficult for a Buffalo team that’s struggled to put up significant points all year. Expect the speedy Marquise Goodwin and T.J. Graham to get more action this week in his stead.


Calvin Johnson – Probable: Megatron’s availability was never really in question, despite being gifted a few days off this week. Fire away as per normal, he’s going to be in line to torch the Steelers.


Harry Douglas, Tony Gonzalez – Questionable and Roddy White – Probable: Harry Douglas seemed to practice in full near the end of the week and will almost certainly be out there – so will Roddy White. Harry has been the better option throughout almost the entire season and will likely be this week too and Revis Island will probably focus in on nullifying White. Tony Gonzo is an issue – he was still limited on Friday and is expected to be a game-time decision. Have a second TE ready if you need to fire someone at the last minute.


Rob Gronkowski – Questionable: Everything on Gronk’s body hurts, apparently. He was limited near the end of the week, but that’s likely just a precaution. Gronk is expected to be out there, spiking away (maybe), on Monday.


Vernon Davis – Questionable: Davis’ concussion has kept him from clearing all his tests this week, and there’s a very real likelihood he won’t be playing on Sunday. Have someone else ready to rumble.


Percy Harvin – Probable: Carroll wouldn’t commit 100% to Harvin being out there, but he’s PUP-activated, is the Seahawks best receiving weapon, and the general belief is that he’s going to be on the field against his former teammates in the Vikings uniforms. Harvin -likely- sees a snap count and that may limit him this week, but if that’s something you can risk, he’s worth keeping an eye on and firing away on Sunday morning.


Mike Wallace – Questionable: It looks like he’ll play but he’s a 4pm kickoff, so have someone ready if he’s yanked out at the last minute. The Chargers defense is pretty good to opposing WR usually, so there’s worst spots to start the struggling Wallace in.


Marlon Brown – Questionable: Brown’s injury apparently surfaced during the week of practice which is always concerning and sounds like more than just the run of the mill bump and bruise of the season. He’s a boom or bust guy whose value comes almost solely on the touchdown, so there was pretty limited value there to begin with even as a WR3. Find a better option.


Jermaine Gresham – Probable: Making sure there’s no value in either, Jermaine Gresham is returning to the fold with Tyler Eifert in week 11. Neither should be on your radar really, but if you were thinking of bumping Eifert’s value with no Jermaine in the lineup…think again.


Nate Burleson – Doubtful: He’ll be back soon, but likely not this week. If you’re dealing with bad WRs, now might be the time to reach out and stash him for your fantasy playoffs. With that in mind, Kris Durham has done an excellent job filling in and may severely limit his potential anyway.


Just picture Peter Griffin tripping up.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNBl_XIUzgQ (photo: John Leyba, The Denver Post)

Just picture Peter Griffin tripping up…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNBl_XIUzgQ
(photo: John Leyba, The Denver Post)


Peyton Manning – Probable: MRIs and high-ankle sprains are always big news, and bigger still when it’s a player of Manning’s stature in the discussion, and bigger yet again with the 8-1 Denver vs 9-0 Kansas showdown on primetime. That said, all indications out of Mile High are that Peyton will be out in full force Sunday night.


Christian Ponder – Probable: Everyone can temper their expectations of Ponder after more or less leading the Vikes to victory last week against the Redskins – – the Seattle defense he faces this week will show us just why. On top of being Christian Ponder, he’s now playing through pain…he’ll be out there, but he shouldn’t be in your lineup.


Terrelle Pryor – Questionable: Despite only having a questionable tag, Pryor has been more or less ruled out for the week and undrafted rookie QB Matt McGloin is going to (try to) lead the Raiders. Sorry Oakland, and sorry Pryor owners.


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