Week 3 NFL Ranks

With two weeks behind us the data points are starting to take on a little more meaning. It’s still not time to abandon any preconceived notions about players, but snap counts, touches, targets and usage through the first two games are starting to take on more meaning. With that in mind, those items have influenced the ranks below which should help you prepare for Week 3.

A discussion of some of the big departures from ECR follows the rankings below.

Week 3 NFL Ranks


Week 3 NFL Ranks Discussion

  • I’ve got Matt Ryan and Drew Brees hovering near the top of my QB ranks this week. Perhaps in Week 3 we’ll all get the 100 point Saints game that we were all expecting in Week 2. Other rankers, and others in your daily games are likely down on Ryan in particular this week after what is being perceived as a strong defensive effort by the Saints in Week 2 against the Giants… except, Eli Manning passed for 368 yards last week and misfired on just nine of 41 attempts. This secondary is still injured (more so) and poor (always), they just got away with a few turnovers last week and a few failed executions from the Giants. Count on Ryan (and + matchup for Mo Sanu, too) putting up numbers against the Saints this week. He’s fantasy’s number one scorer through two weeks of the season. It won’t hold forever, but should last another week.
  • I’m three spots behind ECR on Lamar Miller this week. He’s coming off back to back career high weeks in touches and while I love that he’s getting a featured back’s workload in Houston, I’d expect that to lighten a bit, and him to struggle a bit in Week 3 against the Pats on a short week. Again, he’s still my number 7 RB so it’s not like I’ve given up entirely… but, I can’t rank him top-5 on Thursday Night Football.
  • After a poor showing, I’ve still ranked Golden Tate at #30 as a solid WR3 this week against the Packers. Green Bay’s defense has looked strong through two weeks and Tate’s production is down… but, he had nine targets a week ago. He’s still very much a part of Matthew Stafford’s pass attack. The Lions should lean a little more heavily on the pass with the feature back out of the lineup as well. Count on 8-10 looks again this week for Tate and hope he’s more productive with them.
  • The absence of Corey Coleman for at least a month is just what Gary Barnidge owners are looking for. Without a lot of legitimate weapons (I like Pryor, but he’s hardly a consistent WR1 threat for this offense) I see him becoming the focus of the passing attack again. With the requisite Cody Kessler grain of salt he’s back as a back-end TE1 for me this week.

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