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NFL Sleepers Bracket Round One: Carlos Hyde vs. James White

Locker Room Sleepers Bracket Round One: Carlos Hyde vs. James White


This post appears as part of our 2014 Ultimate NFL Sleepers Bracket. View the other entries below, or check progress at the overall bracket.

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Christopher Pacheco speaks for Carlos Hyde:

Due to his ADP and position in the San Francisco 49ers depth chart, Carlos Hyde is in a great situation to bring you nice value. Hyde’s current ADP is RB48, which is fair considering he does not have the starting gig. However, there have been questions surrounding Frank Gore’s age and potential decline in the last few seasons. I am not saying that Gore will get hurt or have a huge decline this season, but what I will say is that it is within the realm of possibilities. Hyde fits the mold of a 49er and their running game; tough, athletic, and physical. Perhaps this is backed up by the fact that Hyde has already climbed to the number two spot in the 49ers depth chart at running back.

As we all know, opportunity is incredibly important in fantasy football. If Gore goes down via injury, Hyde will be the starting running back for a team that primarily runs the ball. Additionally, it has been said that Hyde could take carries away from Gore in short situations. All Indications point to the fact that the 49ers want to make Hyde a part of what they do, and that is good news for Hyde’s appeal in fantasy football.

As it stands, Hyde would cost next to nothing in fantasy football drafts. Because of his cost and potential opportunity with the 49ers, even as a rookie, Carlos Hyde could be a nice steal in your draft.

Nick Raducanu supports James White:

I think I’ve got a bit of an uphill road ahead of me, attempting to sell you on the relatively unknown rookie, so I’ll make my argument short and sweet in the following bulleted list (who doesn’t love a good bulleted list?!):

  1. James White. The Wisconsin alum is prettay, prettay good. He averaged 6.5 YPC last season, can pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield, and he only fumbled twice in 754 touches while in college.
  2. Fumble-rooski. Let’s assume Ridley doesn’t get cut in training camp (a long shot, but still a possibility)…he’s still just one fumble away from being back in Bill Belichick’s doghouse. 
  3.  Vereen Injuries. Shane Vereen is great and all, but he’s factored into the Patriots scoresheet just 21 out of a possible 48 times in his three seasons in the league (that’s less than 50% for you non-math majors).
  4. Finances. Until White, the Patriots hadn’t drafted a running back since Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley (who are “coincidentally” free agents after this season). Seeing what a cheaper White can do this season makes a lot of sense.
  5. Volume. The Patriots were Top 10 in the league in rushing attempts last season (and 153 of those went to LaGarette Blount!). Why can’t White see a good chunk of those?
  6. Value. Since this bracket is all about finding sleeper value, it’s worth pointing out that White is currently ranked as the 75th-best RB on FantasyPros.com right now (which means that you can basically get him for nothing).
  7. Bill Belichick. Do you really trust that Belichick will do what we all expect and ride Ridley and Vereen all year? This is the same guy who once turned undrafted free agent BenJarvus Green-Ellis into his feature back and then (effectively) went with Blount as his feature back during a playoff run last season.

Aaaaaand…I rest my case. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the next round!

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