Mar 16

Fantasy Basketball Week 21: Flashes in the Pan and Shaun Livingston

Desperation seems to be setting in for some teams, both real and fake.  Decent players getting decent opportunities will help your team more than players who had a heat check game or two.  This week’s Fantasy Basketball hot wire pickups include some fool’s gold.

Shaun Livingston is a better option than some popular waiver adds.  Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Shaun Livingston is a better option than some popular waiver adds. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America)

Pick Up:

Ryan Kelly is back in the minutes and the starting lineup, and flashing his all-around game to the tune of 13.5/6.5/4.3 with 2 threes over his last 4 games. The Lakers’ rotation is a mess, which is why it’s been featured in this space so much.  Kelly is the kind of player though who the team will give opportunity to, just to find out what they have.  He has far more upside than Jodi Meeks, despite Meeks’ recent 42 point game.

On the year Shaun Livingston is averaging roughly 8/3/3, but he may be fantasy basketball’s hottest wire pickup.  He has stayed in the starting lineup for 8 March games, posting averages of 10.6 points, 2.5 steals, and nice percentages.  If you need steals and reasonable percentages, try Livingston.

Don’t Pick Up:

James Anderson was on a shooting streak.  This also happened in early January and early February.  In both cases he posted four solid games in a row amidst a general shooting uptick, and then cooled off.  He has a game of 36, and a bunch with 2 or even less.  If you didn’t already have him, you missed it; and that is not a bad thing.

Unless your league counts tattoos, don’t add Chris Andersen.  The Birdman is neither shooting hot nor reaching a new level of his game.  Just no.

Don’t Drop:

So many people have given up on John Henson that he’s becoming a hot add.  People: don’t your leagues count blocks?  Sure, his minutes are below 25 for the month, and his points are below 10.  He’s near 6.5 rebounds and over a block!  He is now what some people seem to think Chris Andersen is becoming.  Do you think the Bucks feel the need to see what Zaza Pachulia can do down the stretch?

Sharpen the Axe:

It’s just a shooting slump, but Wesley Johnson has averaged 8 points on 38% shooting with less than a three since the beginning of March, which is roughly when he was recommended here.  He has averaged at least 1 3Pt per in every other month, and is still averaging over 30 minutes, so he should bounce back.  His upward trajectory is stopped though, so don’t hesitate if you need to replace him on your Fantasy Basketball squad.

10 of Yahoo! Sports’ hottest waiver wire pickups:

1. Amar'e  Stoudemire, PF/C (56% owned)
2. Darren  Collison, PG (39% owned)
3. Matt  Barnes, SF (44% owned)
4. Gary  Neal, PG/SG (5% owned)
5. Kris  Humphries, PF/C (38% owned)
6. Andrew  Bynum, C (56% owned)
7. Ramon  Sessions, SG (14% owned)
8. P.J.  Tucker, SG/SF (27% owned)
9. Kyle  O'Quinn, PF/C (9% owned)
10. Ryan  Kelly, SF (12% owned)

ESPN’s Neil Tardy lays out the schedule for each team this week and grades each matchup, giving ratings based upon a scale from 1 (poor matchup) to 10 (excellent matchup).

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